Women in Photography International – Reference Library

For over two decades this group has been advocating for women’s photography and working for its increased visibility in the world. An example of the scope of their enterprise is the Women in Photography International Archive, now housed at Yale’s Beinecke Library. Created by the archive’s curator, the WiPI site includes an online reference section of bibliographies by and about women photographers and their art, an amazing resource for researchers. In fact, the WiPI’s busy website is packed with resources and useful information, a reflection of the organization’s commitment to supporting women photographers through the entire process of creation. There is WiPI Member’s Network Board, a forum for exchange on a range of photo topics and areas of interest. The site is also home to f2, an e-Zine that assembles news, new photo projects, business tips and book reviews related to women photographers (and women in general). Other useful sections include a member database searchable by photographic specialty and an ongoing series of juried online exhibitions.

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