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Photo Histories’s creators are doing the important work of capturing what is essentially the oral history that documents the culture of photography in the 20th century. The site is indeed full of fascinating stories from a cast of “tell it like it is” characters who have been witness to the major events of the last century. The content is skillfully presented in the form of interviews, slide shows, first-person accounts and even book reviews that each bring to life a time and place, often with rueful humor. Photo Histories was created out of an admitted sense of nostalgia for the golden age of (analogue) photojournalism, a project bent on preserving the stories and spirit of an era rapidly vanishing into an uncertain (and digital) future. Given that this was the time when photography came into its own as a powerful medium for documenting events and provoking change, the site’s authors are providing a useful historical anchor in this present age of all powerful and infinitely malleable images.

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